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Roxie Theater


By Ron Merk I had a chance to see ”Bus Stop” at the tribute to actor Don Murray at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco last evening, and I have to say it’s simply [...]

July 15, 2014

A Special Weekend with Actor Don Murray

By Ron Merk For those of you who were born in the last 25 years, the name Don Murray may not mean much to you. But in his prime, he was as big a star in Hollywood as Paul [...]

July 11, 2014

4th San Francisco Green Film Festival

By Ron Merk The San Francisco Bay area hosts a plethora of film festivals, featuring unique subject matter and innovative venues and presentation. There is something for [...]

May 30, 2014

Just a Few Words

By Ron Merk We recently published an interview with Jon, a follow up to one I did with him more than ten years ago. I’m constantly amazed how far he can take things on [...]

July 28, 2013