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When Censorship Gets Downright Silly

By Ron Merk The British Prime Minister David Cameron has recently announced that all new computers sold in the UK will have a built-in censorship device that will protect [...]

July 28, 2013

From a Brave Journalist in Turkey

By Ron Merk I have a good friend in Turkey, and he has a close friend who’s a journalist named Ece Temelkuran. She has been hassled by the Turkish government for more [...]

July 28, 2013

Eat Dessert First – Life is Too Short

By Ron Merk Yesterday I went to the de Young Museum in San Francisco to see the Richard Diebenkorn show, and had the opportunity to have a peach cobbler in the museum cafe, [...]

July 28, 2013

3-D or not 3-D, That is the Question!

By Ron Merk As someone who was lucky enough to be a kid of movie-going age during the Golden Age of 3-D movies back in the early to mid-fifties, there is only one word to [...]

July 28, 2013

Just a Few Words

By Ron Merk As we approach the 4th of July, our American Independence Day, I think it’s a good idea to remind ourselves why we fought our revolution, and what we got [...]

July 28, 2013

Raising a Red Flag

By Ron Merk It has never been my object in the pieces that I write to be “political” as that term is generally understood, but instead to offer my opinion on a variety of [...]

July 28, 2013

San Francisco Movie Bears

By Ron Merk The is a rave… with no qualifiers. There’s a great group of guys, mostly furry and definitely friendly, who call themselves The San Francisco Movie [...]

July 28, 2013

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