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The digital VS. film debate rages on…

By Ron Merk Notice that I didn’t capitalize any of the words in the title of this article except the first work of each sentence and the VS. VS means versus or against for [...]

January 5, 2015

Piracy Is Not Free Speech

By Ron Merk If you think that free downloads of your favorite movie, TV show or music are your “right” – think again. If you assume that the use of other people’s [...]

January 4, 2015

When the Digital Dust Settles…

By Ron Merk Each year, I take a hard look at where the film business has gone, and where it appears to be going. For the past five or six years, its true condition has been [...]

January 4, 2015

All The Things I Hate! About San Francisco

By Ron Merk This is the third in a series of pieces that I’ve been writing about my love-hate relationship with the City by the Bay as it likes to occasionally call itself. [...]

January 2, 2015

All the Things I Hate! About San Francisco

By Ron Merk Continuing my love/hate relationship WITH the city where I live, the proverbial, provincial and often self-absorbed narcissist by the bay, it came to my attention [...]

October 24, 2014


FILM Ferrania is restarting production for analog film in both still photo and motion picture formats. Its Kickstarter campaign is already over its goal. Thanks to any and [...]

October 20, 2014

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