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History & Preservation

Film is Fragile

By Ron Merk   I was recently sent a link to this amazing video made by Mill+ and the British Film Institute. No words, no narration, just images. Images we all know and [...]

October 26, 2015

Hard Time for Hard Drives

By Ron Merk I’m going to make this piece short and sweet. Well, maybe not sweet. As my readers know, I’ve been banging the drum loudly on the issue of film preservation [...]

February 7, 2015

Film IS History

By Ron Merk The title of this piece doesn’t mean to imply that film as a means of recording or saving history is no more, discarded and then replaced recently by [...]

January 31, 2015

Digi-Tell Me The Truth?

By Ron Merk There’s a rumor floating around that digital preservation is a real way of saving things that exist in the “real world” such as photos, sound recordings, [...]

January 17, 2015


By Ron Merk When I was a kid, when people talked about color movies, they used the word Technicolor. I remember one of my aunts saying they had just seen a new Technicolor [...]

January 5, 2015

Archives at Risk

Millions of hours of film, television and radio are at risk! Worn by time, eaten away by acidity, victims of wars, or natural disasters, lack of investment the audiovisual [...]

December 25, 2014

Keeping FILM Alive

By Ron Merk For those of ups who grew up with the movies, the term “film” is one that not only means the movie, itself, but also the stuff on which the movie was made and [...]

August 3, 2014

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