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The Legacy of Stephen Parr… Continues

275 Capp St: Stephen Parr Tribute Video.

Adam Dziesinski, who works at Oddball Film and Video, made this amazing tribute to the collection that the late Stephen Parr assembled over the many years he was a collector of films and other kinds of cultural objects. This is an amazing piece of work by Adam whom I’ve known and worked with as an editor for many years. It is clever, funny, and impressive, and clearly illustrates the vast collection of treasures in the library, and of course, Stephen’s passion as a collector.

Using footage of the archives and many clips from the library of films owned by Oddball, Adam has created a wonderful video which shows that while Stephen is gone, his legacy is alive and well at Oddball Films.

With more than 50,000 films in the library, and many more still sitting in boxes and waiting to be counted and inventoried, it is essential that Stephen’s work is continued, carried on, and honored.

Ron Merk
Editor in Chief
Indieplex Online Magazine