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Same Sex Marriage

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By Ron Merk

This is not a political message. Human rights are not about politics. They are mostly impeded by ignorance or outright mean thinking. So, it was good news to hear that yet another state was added to the list of states that have approved same sex marriage. The United States already has federal laws that allow full benefits for same sex married couples. One by one the states that were against same sex marriage fall away. It’s hard to say when the rest will concede that marriage is a basic human right. But it appears that much progress has been made in the USA since this movement began. If you look at a map of the states that have NOT yet approved same sex marriage, you will see that are are all strung together in a line, perhaps to hold onto each other and against the inexorable tide for human rights power. Another way to look at them is that they are surrounded by states that understand that human rights are for all humans, not just a select few.

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