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February 2015

Remembering Rod Taylor

By Mike Tristano I first met Rod Taylor when I was working on the TV series “Outlaws” back in 1986. Having always been a fan of his movies since I was young, and [...]

February 20, 2015

Remembering Rod Taylor (1930–2015)

By Ron Merk One of the last stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood has died. Little was mentioned in the press of his passing on January 7, 2015. I find it a bit sad that this [...]

February 20, 2015

Through a Glass, Darkly

By Bruce Raymond The story is told, perhaps apocryphally, that when Ted Turner first contemplated the founding of what eventually became CNN, he called in his researchers to [...]

February 8, 2015

Same Sex Marriage

By Ron Merk This is not a political message. Human rights are not about politics. They are mostly impeded by ignorance or outright mean thinking. So, it was good news to hear [...]

February 7, 2015

Kodak is Staying in the Film Business

By Ron Merk I know this sounds like an odd thing to report, almost like saying that McDonald’s is staying in the fast food business. The fact is that Kodak has been [...]

February 7, 2015

Hard Time for Hard Drives

By Ron Merk I’m going to make this piece short and sweet. Well, maybe not sweet. As my readers know, I’ve been banging the drum loudly on the issue of film preservation [...]

February 7, 2015