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A Good Time Was Had By All

New Bohemia New Year’s Eve in San Francisco

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By Ron Merk

This is one of a new series of mini-reviews that I’ll be doing for events, films and other cultural attractions on Indieplex Online Magazine. I had glowing reports from two representatives that we sent to this event, and just wanted to post their glowing report. I was planning to go with my other half, but the flu had other plans for me unfortunately.

This event, produced by Mike Gaines (Vau de Vire), Syd Gris (Opel) and Peter Acworth (Kink) was definitely over-the-top and lots-of-fun for everyone who attended. Out-of-this-world projections and visuals, dazzling lightning, great music and performances, plus a super-amazing space (The Armory in the Mission) provided guests with a one-of-a-kind experience, especially some of them who wandered to private spaces and VIP upgrades that were available through the tiered ticket pricing.

Everyone welcomed the New Year in grand style, some in San Freak-cisco glittering grotesque costumes and make-up, as it’s done no place else. Beyond Bohemian would be putting it mildly.

Worth the time and the price, no questions asked. Definitely, this event rates as “a good time was had by all.”