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Merry Christmas

A Holiday for All of Us

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By Ron Merk

No matter what your personal beliefs or religion might be, Christmas is a magical holiday and time of year. We remember those in need, we re-connect with friends, get closer to people in our family. We are reminded by the sparkle of tinsel and lights that there is a light at the end of the tunnel in our lives if we just look for it. For some the star on the top of the Christmas tree is a metaphor for better times that are coming. Most of all it’s a time to remember that we can move away from darkness and the negative things of life and look forward to something better. Peace on Earth. Peace in Our Hearts.

If I’m reminded of anything by the holiday season it’s that everything is possible. It is with this in mind and in my heart, that I wish all my readers the joy of this season.

Ron Merk
Editor in Chief
Indieplex Online Magazine
December 25, 2014