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Archives at Risk

A Warning and a Way to Save Them

Millions of hours of film, television and radio are at risk! Worn by time, eaten away by acidity, victims of wars, or natural disasters, lack of investment the audiovisual archives of humanity are in jeopardy. No country, even the most advanced in terms of digitization and conservation, will escape this risk of destruction. We cannot resign ourselves to losing entire volumes of the worldwide audiovisual heritage and thus endangering the cause of preservation of the world’s cultural identities. It is imperative to ensure that the world’s population is able to transmit its audiovisual memory to future generations.

If you care about the future of the information of the past, get involved. Here’s a recently posting from Laura Rooney of the A.M.I.A. about the Archives at Risk project:

Check it out. Help in some way. Get involved. All this history will not save itself. It will take time, money, and will. Yours.