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May 2014

4th San Francisco Green Film Festival

By Ron Merk The San Francisco Bay area hosts a plethora of film festivals, featuring unique subject matter and innovative venues and presentation. There is something for [...]

May 30, 2014

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival

By Ron Merk Once a year, a great team of people headed up by Stacey Wisnia and Anita Monga, dedicated to preserving the art of the silent film, puts together an amazing [...]

May 27, 2014


TREASURES, EXTRAS, and ODDMENTS… The French have a word for a person who can tell a good story: Raconteur. We can pile on the French adjectives — raconteur par [...]

May 27, 2014

Du Barry Was a Lady

By Ron Merk After nearly an hour plus of sitting in the sweltering Eureka Theater last night, and watching what should have been a souffle on stage turn into a cold fried [...]

May 16, 2014

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival

By Ron Merk Each year the staff of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival programs a weekend of truly amazing films and discoveries from the golden age of silent films. With [...]

May 16, 2014

Manos Sucias – Dirty Hands

By Ron Merk There a many things about this film that I liked, much that is commendable. It is a first directorial effort by Josef Wladyka and in many ways suffers from the [...]

May 13, 2014

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